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What is Health Coaching?

Is it Right for Me?

Have you wanted to make changes in your life – maybe even have decided exactly what you would like to change – but then get stuck in the process? Sometimes there are so many things you’d like to improve that you get caught up in the stress and overwhelm of it all. If you need some guidance on what you can do to improve the quality of your life or if you know these changes are important to you but need some help in holding yourself accountable, then health coaching may be right for you!

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My Approach

Here’s how it works: I will take a broad look at various areas of your life to understand your unique mind/body connection. For example, it is common for job stress or relationship stress to cause you to overeat. And lack of sleep or low energy often prevents people from exercising. I’ve been there. I know vicious cycle of frustration from one thing resulting from me not living the life I wanted. We will work together to pinpoint the problem areas in your life and work towards making lasting changes that will drastically improve your overall health. 

Both my professional and personal experiences have given me a unique perspective on health, education, spirituality, and humanity. I am a lifelong student, continually developing my own skills, tools, and passions. My empathy and attention to clients’ individual needs, challenges, and stories allow me to understand their goals so we can work together to accomplish their dreams for a more vibrant, happy, and healthy life. My warmth and humor help me in my work with people of all ages and stages, from young children to adults.  

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“Roxanne takes the time to get to know what your personal goals are with her health coaching and does a great job finding resources and providing support to help when you feel a bit lost on where to start. She also did a wonderful job performing proper adjustments during my yoga practice. It’s wonderful to work with someone who wants to make sure you are using proper form and is able to give adaptations to poses when dealing with an injury.”

Allie C. Denver, CO

As a friend and inspiring yogi, I really appreciate how Roxanne takes the time during her yoga instruction to explain body placement and movements.  She creates a welcoming and calm space for practicing. Roxanne also has a gift of listening and asks her yogis what certain areas they would like to focus on, while also creating a safe listening environment to encourage honest reflecting about yoga and the everyday struggles in life.  Roxanne calms my soul and makes my heart smile!

Erica L. Denver, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How Coaching Works!

Q. Do you offer customized programs?

Yes, I do. I understand each of us is unique and may be needing support with various parts of health and wellness. Click  to set up a FREE initial consultation with me to see how I can best support you in achieving your nutrition and wellness goals. During this time we can discuss your needs in a customized program and determine in what ways I can best assist you.

Q. Can I just sign up for a one month program?

Research shows it takes anywhere from two months to a year to form a new habit. The reason my shortest  personalized program is three months long is so that you not only reap the rewards of the progress you make at the beginning of our time together but also have some practice sustaining your progress and enjoying the benefits that come with it before our time together ends, so at that time you are set up to succeed on your own.


If you would like to sign up for a single month of my services, you may contact me to do so.

Q. What if I fall off the wagon and want additional support after our time together is over?

No problem! We sometimes need extra support and accountability for a bit before good habits sink in. That’s why I offer a maintenance program. Under this service, I will continue to check in and hold you accountable well after our program ends. You can sign up for a maintenance plan month-to-month. You may cancel your maintenance plan and support at any time at the end of the month. Check it out under the “Services” page. 

Q. Do you offer a refund?

No, not for our custom coaching packages because they are built for an individual client up front. I do offer a free consultation before we start working together for you to understand full details of our coaching packages and what’s included.

Q. What forms of communications do clients have with you?

We can do video chat on facebook or skype phone calls, or if you are local we can meet face to face.

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